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Champions A
Presented by: FMA

Digital Print First!

How to translate, build, and monetize in the digital space as a print magazine.

>> Andy Smith, Publisher, Charlotte Magazine

Champions B
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Solution Based Selling

In today’s world, most newspapers offer many different platforms to help a small or medium-sized business owner advertise their company—both print and digital.
However, what percentage of the time does that result in helping the business owner tell their story in a more powerful way than ever before?

Join Mike Centorani for a discussion on how to help your sales reps truly become your client’s “trusted advisor” vs. just selling packages and platforms. This session will provide real-world tips and ideas on how to think about any business from “their customer’s perspective” and specifically, focusing on the potential buying factors that make one person choose a specific business over another. This will lead to more appointments, more sales, as well as longer more successful relationships!

>> Mike Centorani, Creative Solutions Director &VP of Training for Brandstar Creative Solutions

Champions C
Presented by: FMA


Let's hear from people who excel at telling stories through video, data, social and/or other forms of media.


Mary Kelli Palka, Editor, The Florida Times-Union