Paper Shortages and Tariffs

Floridian F

// Samuel J. Morley, General Counsel, Florida Press Association; Carlton Pender, Sr. Publishing Sales Rep., Lindenmeyr Central



Samuel J. Morley

Samuel J. Morley is General Counsel for the Florida Press Association, directs legislative and lobbying efforts on behalf of the association and oversees the Legal Hotline, a free service provided to FPA member newspapers. He  is past chair of the Florida Bar’s Media and Communications Law Committee. Sam routinely provides advice in areas such as the sunshine law, libel, employment issues, copyright and trademark; legal advertising, and taxation. He can be reached at 877-NEWS-LAW (639-7529) or at

Carlton Pender

Carlton Pender, 40 years in the paper Industry, 25 years in Publishing Sales.

Carlton spent 20 years with International Paper’s, Publishing Merchant, upon retiring from IP, he joined Lindenmeyr Central in 2012.   Carlton specializes in the Magazine market and has worked with both independent and large National Publishers throughout his career.

BS in Marketing and Management from East Carolina University, graduate work also at East Carolina.

Lindenmeyr Central, a division of Central National Gottesman

Lindenmeyr Central is a National Publishing Paper Merchant, serving the Magazine, Catalogue, direct mail and Retail markets.

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Floridian F
Samuel J. Morley, Florida Press Association;
Carlton Pender, Lindenmeyr Central