Design Trends, 2018 & Looking Ahead

Floridian E

// Melanie Smit, Creative Director, Lifestyle Media Group

  • A look at 10-12 current and future design trends
  • A “how to” demo that focuses on a few of the trendier techniques
  • When and when not to be “trendy”


Melanie Smit

MELANIE GERONEMUS SMIT is an award winning Creative Director at Lifestyle Media Group where she designs and produces 12 magazines per month. Melanie is a native Floridian and has more than 24 years in the creative field.

Melanie takes projects from conception through completion and works with clients from businesses of all types and develops strategies for creating impactful visual experiences. Prior to employment at Lifestyle Media Group, Melanie worked for Harris Drury and Cohen, J. Walter Thompson, and the South Florida Business Journal. In addition to her experience within the United States, Melanie was Creative Director for EXP Experience Design in  Amsterdam, The Netherlands. While there, she spearheaded projects for clients in the European region.

Melanie believes in serving the community in which she lives and donates her time to charities in South Florida such as Debbie’s Dream Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

She doesn’t just DO design…. She eats, sleeps, breathes, walks, talks, and dreams IDEAS.

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Floridian E
Presenter: Melanie Smit,
Lifestyle Media Group