Mike Centorani

Mike Centorani

Creative Solutions Director and
VP of Training
BrandStar Creative Solutions

Mike Centorani is the Creative Solutions Director and VP of Training for BrandStar Creative Solutions.  Mike brings over 25 years of traditional media experience combined with over 18 years of digital and search engine marketing expertise. He was chosen by Google to train many of their Google Premier SMB Partners in 2011 and was also a “Google Certified Speaker” in 2016. His overall experience includes offering media sales consulting with 46 media companies in 22 countries. This includes working with many newspaper companies throughout Florida and the US.

For more information on Mike’s approach, here’s some more information and video: https://www.brandstar.com/companies/brandstar-creative-solutions

Speaker Details
  • Session Details

    Solution Based Selling
    Thursday, August 4
    5:00PM- 5:50 PM  

    In today’s world, most newspapers offer many different platforms to help a small or medium-sized business owner advertise their company—both print and digital.
    However, what percentage of the time does that result in helping the business owner tell their story in a more powerful way than ever before? 

    During today’s session, we’ll discuss how to help your sales reps truly become your client’s “trusted advisor” vs. just selling packages and platforms. This session will provide real-world tips and ideas on how to think about any business from “their customer’s perspective” and specifically, focusing on the potential buying factors that make one person choose a specific business over another. This will lead to more appointments, more sales, as well as longer more successful relationships.


    Continuing The Conversation
    Friday, August 5
    10:00AM- 10:50 AM  

    During this session we’ll allow all of the conference participants the opportunity to go through actual practice workshops for how to properly plan and prepare before interacting with a potential client, how to open the call, and how to conduct a needs analysis or discovery to gain credibility and later offer the right customized solution.