Robin Lankton
Director of Marketing for the Observer Media Group
Robin Lankton is the director of marketing for the Observer Media Group based in Sarasota, FL. She is responsible for the branding, sponsorships, events and B2B marketing for nine newspapers, six websites and four magazines located throughout Florida.
Samir Husni, Ph.D.
Founder and director of the Magazine Media Center
Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D. is the founder and director of the Magazine Media Center. The Center aims to preserve the past, present, and future of the magazine media. He is also the President and CEO of Magazine Consulting & Research, Inc. a firm specializing in new magazine media launches, repositioning of established magazines and magazine media, and packaging content to create a better experience for both customers: the reader and the advertiser.
Kerry O’Reilly
Marketing Director, Tampa Bay Times/tampabay.com
Kerry O’Reilly is the Marketing Director at the Tampa Bay Times/tampabay.com He has been in media marketing for 24 years.
Kim Capria
Account Director, Local Media Client Services The Nielsen Company East Coast, U.S.
Kim Capria is an account director at Nielsen supporting local news clients’ efforts to grow audiences and drive revenue across multiple consumer touch points in traditional and digital media. A seasoned executive, Kim’s career spans nearly 30 years in the media industry including local and national broadcast, cable, print and digital.
Katherine Kokal
Education Reporter, Palm Beach Post
Katherine Kokal covers K-12 education for The Palm Beach Post. She started at The Palm Beach Post covering northern Palm Beach County in June 2021 and moved to education in July 2022.
Al Getler
Vice President/Key Accounts, Coda Ventures
Al Getler Senior Vice President/Key Accounts for Coda Ventures, a marketing & media research and consulting firm . He has spent over three decades in the media business as a publisher of websites, newspapers, and magazines in locations in the Northeast and Ohio. Al has been an online streaming talk show host and performs as a professional comedian and ventriloquist. Because he is just not busy enough, he is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT.
Marianne Grogan
President & Co-Founder, Coda Ventures
Marianne is President and Co-Founder of Coda Ventures. Her primary focus is working with newspapers to deliver high quality, innovative research and analytics to help sustain and grow audiences and revenue.
Carol Marbin Miller
Deputy Investigations Editor, Miami Herald
Carol Marbin Miller is deputy investigations editor at the Miami Herald, where she has worked since 2000. Marbin Miller holds degrees from Florida State University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She worked previously at the Tampa Bay Times and the Palm Beach Post.
Mike Centorani
Creative Solutions Director and VP of Training for BrandStar Creative Solutions.
Mike Centorani is the Creative Solutions Director and VP of Training for BrandStar Creative Solutions. Mike brings over 25 years of traditional media experience combined with over 18 years of digital and search engine marketing expertise
Andy Smith
Publisher, Charlotte Magazine
Andy Smith is the publisher of Charlotte magazine, where he previously served as executive editor and digital director, among other roles. Much of his time at the magazine has been spent developing a digital presence that reflects the quality of the award-winning print magazine.
Julian Placino
Recruitment Marketing Consultant Media Entrepreneur, Host of Pathways to Success
Julian Placino is a recruiter turned speaker, recruitment marketing consultant, and media entrepreneur. With 16 years of recruiting experience, Julian has helped leading corporations attract, recruit, and retain top talent. Julian has personally hired over 400 world-class professionals in sales, technology, and creative arts.
Catherine Walters
Publisher, Orlando Magazine
Catherine Walters is the publisher of Orlando magazine. A graduate of Rollins College, Walters is a Central Florida native with extensive experience in both traditional and digital brand development, account management and data-driven results.