Elissa Moran

Round-table discussions
Vanderbilt I

Elissa is the Outreach Manager for FTRI, a nonprofit agency charged with administering Florida’s Free Phones for People with Hearing Loss Program, which provides free amplified phones to Floridians who cannot effectively use standard telephones.  As Outreach Manager for FTRI, Elissa oversees the Community Outreach efforts of the 24 nonprofit agencies contracted by FTRI in order to deliver services to clients across the state.  Responsibilities include managing the budget that funds this work, providing training and support to Outreach staff, exhibiting at conferences to raise awareness about the program, and most importantly, overseeing the newspaper advertising campaign and budget.

Elissa has been a member of TEDPA (Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program Association) for many years, and is currently on the TEDPA Outreach Committee.  As a frequent panelist, moderator and event organizer, she has seen first-hand the evolutionary changes that have taken place in the telecommunications industry.  When not focused on that work, Elissa enjoys making jewelry, attending classic car shows, and exploring the many museums and natural wonders of Florida.  She is also a frequent visitor to Maine, where most of her family, and a piece of her heart, still resides.